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Linda Zselenak

I am a certified Interior Designer, Kitchen Designer, Color Consultant and Home Stager with many years experience.

I have completed advanced training in Vibrational Radiesthesia based on Ancient Egyptian wisdom with Dr. Robert Gilbert at the Vesica Institute of North Carolina and the advanced special interest courses with Dr. Karim from Egypt. In these studies I have learned to balance the energy in a space. Please see my Energy Balancing page for more info.


Other courses in Architectural Drafting, AutoCAD, Blueprint Reading and Electronics, have taught me about proportion, scale, placement, layout and the physics of electrical energy. Other studies I have enjoyed are metallurgy, various software and business courses.
I am inspired in my designs by noticing the beauty in nature, the shapes, forms, textures, colors and how elements in nature work together in harmony. Noticing beauty along with my pursuit of excellence has enabled me to expand as a designer and vibrational artist.

I have also immersed myself deeply into studying nutruition and the vibrational effects that foods and supplements have on the human energy systems and health.

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