Last Fall, I retained Ms Linda Zselenak as the interior designer for the renovation of my condominium. My unit was 21 years old and badly in need of an update. The project would involve a complete overhaul of the bathrooms and kitchen, the installation of hardwood flooring, and the take-down of the solarium and two walls. Essentially the whole place was being rebuilt.
Both the process and the final results exceeded my wildest expectations. Not only was Linda’s vision and design beautiful, she was present every step of the way to ensure that things went smoothly and on time, to ensure the strictest quality control, to resolve any glitches (often with exceptionally clever solutions), and to advocate very strongly on my behalf with the many trades whenever necessary. She dealt with any problems that arose promptly and professionally (including halting work immediately when it wasn’t to her or my satisfaction, and questioning budgets and charges in detail). She ensured that any necessary scheduling adjustments were made, and always went above and beyond the call of duty by always putting my interests first.
In short, her project management skills are as impressive as her artistry, creativity, and attention to detail. Her constant, steady, vigilant presence throughout the process were a godsend, particularly since I work full time. I can honestly say that the transformation of my place, which my friends have called “stunning” and “thrilling”, could not have happened without Linda’s involvement.
I will always highly recommend her services to anyone undertaking the renovation of their home

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