James Nimeth General Manager Water Superstore

Linda was commission by the CEO of Water Superstore to design a new retail store with the parameters of creating a new and modern look, which will have existing customers take notice. Also she had to incorporate balance in energy and a flow of abundance of wealth.

This was no easy task within the budget given. Linda took the necessary steps using her knowledge and experience to create the desired effect. She stayed well within the budgetary restrictions and created a very exciting design. Upon opening the customers noticed how much lighter they felt. Linda was very successful in this commercial project.

Since then Focal Point has done the same to my house and cottage. Choosing colours and textures, as well as furnishings that add balance and soft energy to these structures. I have also asked Linda to prepare my cottage for sale. She will be staging the cottage. After 2 years of unsuccessful listing, I have decided to continue with the success I have had with Focal Point.

I am totally satisfied with my experience with Linda and her talents.